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Who We Are

MedPens is a 100% certified dealer of the best brands of Vaporizer Pens and products. We provide you with the highest quality products and customer service anywhere, for one simple reason:  we believe in the numerous advantages of our vaporizer pens over other delivery systems. Please browse our site and read about both our new pens and our well-established award-winners.

No Fake-Outs

In any industry where specific items really “take off” in the marketplace, there can unfortunately be an increased demand for low-quality counterfeit look-alikes selling at a cheaper price. This has already happened in the field of Vaporizer Pens with third-party websites such as eBay, Ali Baba and Raukuten.  Yes, they may be able to offer you a lower price-tag, but buyer beware: The price reflects the quality. These pens tend to break quickly and sometimes even arrive damaged! Even worse, these retailers won’t cover your warranty, and neither will the manufacturer when you purchase from a third-party dealer.  Ultimately, customers are very unhappy that they wasted their money on these fakes. Only a certified dealer such as MedPens can guarantee that you’ll be happy with your purchase.

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