Born in Canada, I have lived and travelled in various places around the world. I spent my childhood and early adult life in Australia, enjoying the tropical sunshine and endless beaches. I started my career in Aviation both as a pilot and in Air Traffic Control; and later as a Flight Dispatcher. Aviation took me to the Middle East and ultimately back to Canada. I particularly enjoy flying light aircraft in remote locations.


I am a techie at heart and grew up around the pioneering days of personal computing, having an Apple ][ when they first hit the market. I have developed software, launched websites and built my own business. I am also an IT professional, having managed technical teams in various government entities. This website and all of my other domains are 100% built by me (mostly in a text editor) and often hosted on personally built and managed servers.


My passion for photography started in the days of film, with a family relative being an avid amateur photographer. I started to take photography more seriously with my first film SLR in the late 1990's and then becoming fully addicted to the "hobby" when going digital in the late 2000's. I am a lover of landscapes and people, which should be evident in my work. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy capturing and presenting it.


The Canadian Prairies offer truly unique vistas with wide-open spaces and amazing skies. I have an extensive portolio of the Saskatchewan landscape in all seasons.

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There is so much interest and connection in the human face and eyes. I love to photograph people in their natural environment, being who they really are. See some of my banc.

Behind the lens

Discover more about my photography in a series of short articles covering a range of topics from photographing winter to backing up on a large scale.


  • Ian McGregor
    Ian McGregor

    The guy behind the lens. Chief photographer, marketing manager and all other things it takes to be a semi-professional photographer

  • Michelle
    Michelle McGregor
    safety and support

    Keeping a person warm and safe when out shooting in minus fifty degrees Celsius is sometimes not easy. Director of reality, Chief Financial Officer and Mom

  • Kids
    Sean and Owen McGregor
    willing models

    Always available to pose. Work for zero wages, but lots of kinds words from supporters


Capture the beauty in the Canadian Landscape, or the expression on a child's face and present it to you with a personal touch and a dash of style. Never lose sight of the enjoyment of the art of photography. Forget the rules and have fun. Enjoy the reward of appreciation when it comes, but not expect it. Never stop learning.


Discover the major milestones and events.


I have many samples of my work displayed on various social and photo-sharing websites:


Portrait, Model, Outdoor, Headshot
The Twins by Ian McGregor
Black and White




Moncton Portrait Photographer. Portrait sessions, headshots, model cards, social media profile pictures. Contact me for details.



New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada Commercial Photography. Select product shots, marketing materials and authentic photographs for websites. I also sell stock photography through 413-526-5741



I do take some requests from time-to-time for unique photo sessions or locations. Plese fill out a service request form to get started.


  • Landscapes
  • Portraiture
  • Commercial


  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Lightroom


On occasion I run informational and/or training workshops for all skill levels.


I have a wide selection of my work available for sale via (715) 824-8749 and FineArtAmerica. Worldwide shipping. Here you can purchase prints, canvases, greeting cards, (785) 524-7995 and many other popular formats.

Please contact me if there is something specific you are looking for which is not listed.

On occasion I release specialty items such as themed calendars. Please follow my Facebook or 7122799811 for details.

Please submit a Photo Usage and Licensing Form if you would like to license a photo for use. I have worked with government and corporate clients such as the CBC and Yellow Pages as well as with charities and individuals for various purposes.

Large format book filled with a personal selection of beautiful photographs. Available via Blurb.

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A format to suit everyone!

I have sold art internationally an many different formats. From giant sized wall canvases to postcards. Take a look at the variety of formats available.


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