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Now that Android phones have 30,000 or more strings of text which compile the user interface, it was important to highlight a guide on the style and punctuation in such a text heavy product.

This project is ongoing with influences from marketing, consumer trends, and the mobile industry.

DISCLAIMER: Most of my work is done one on one with UX designers both in America and South Korea. That being said, I cannot put samples of the UI guides up on this site due to legal issues. I can only show device reviews for items available on the market currently.

Samsung: Galaxy S4, UX

Screenshot_2013-11-06-10-13-18Screenshot_2013-11-06-10-12-38 Here is an example of the kind of UX verbiage I work on daily. Most of the technical writing work involves device review and an analysis of UX issues that should be addressed with a simple change that could make a world of difference to the consumer. In this example, there are two issues going on in particular which are outlined below.

Both images are of the  native Email app for Samsung devices.  The first image to the left shows the menu for the Email app, in particular the “Save email” function which is the fourth item in the list from the top. The function, “Save email” can be misleading to users since it implies that if the user does not choose this option, their email may be deleted in some manner. The design of this item is to save the email as an .eml file to the device memory.

The second issue, outlined in the next step after the user taps on “Save email” is that the pop up has the same title as the menu option. It does not say where this file is being saved.

The solution for this issue was to change the menu item in future models to “Save to Device” with the same pop up title. It’s a simple solution for a problem that could make a user panic otherwise.

Products I’ve worked on:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note III
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 & Gear Neo
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear 3 (IN PRODUCTION)


Online Marketing: Email Advertisements and Websites



To the left was a style of email sent out to a dedicated email list of women who were interested in receiving fashion news and deals. Each day they would get some fashion advice and links to how to get a celebrity look for less, monetizing with affiliate coupons and links on the site.

The site was supported also by social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) to gain more users and to get them to the site or sign up for the newsletters.


(715) 476-8894


Here’s an example from the Education vertical. The website was Teach4USA, a site where prospective students could be matched up with teaching degree programs. Since our demographic was female, we decided on text that would appeal to the “superhero mom” angle.





Work-for-hire scripts:

  • Wisedolls, Barenholtz Productions
  • Cinebio


      Email Ads & Newsletters: Gossip Sauce

      One of the sites I worked on was a celebrity news site called Gossip Sauce. This was one of those sites for short and sweet news bites on your favorite celebrities. I wrote up some revamped gossip columns and sent out newsletters to subscribers to see the newest stories first. 

      Continue reading here...


      Here's an article I wrote for the Cooper Times, a company publication for Zeta Interactive (formerly XL Marketing). This section this piece was written for was titled "For Your Edification" and highlighted tech and marketing industry highlights.

      Daddy Dearest

      Recently there's been a flurry of activity by advertisers to gain the favor of soon to be mothers who, because of the major change in their lives both physically and emotionally, are vulnerable to brand change and targeted advertising. What many advertisers are forgetting is

      Continue reading here...


      Here's an article I wrote for the Cooper Times, a company publication for Zeta Interactive (formerly XL Marketing). This section this piece was written for was titled "For Your Edification" and highlighted tech and marketing industry highlights.

      Google is Your Big Brother

      Google in the process of patenting a technology that listens to the background noise in your cell phone calls.


    Screenwriting: World of Warcraft Ad

    Here's a quick piece I wrote up for an online degree advertiser looking to make videos that would be snarky and appeal to a more male demographic without breaking the budget. They were a degree revenue site that would match people interested in obtaining an online degree with schools. The affiliate was having trouble with their Social Worker degree vertical and they wanted something "out of the box". So, I decided I'd write a script that could be completely recorded in World of Warcraft. Why not?



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