• -[AIR]- Finish runners up in the DSL Knockout Tournament
  • Grab 1st place in the returning DSL Rifle's Only League
  • -[AIR]- Collect 5 Awards in MARZ Season IV
  • -[AIR]- Win both Eurodom 9th Infantry and 5th Light Afrika Divisions in Season IX
  • -[AIR]- Open up a new Call of Duty 4: MW Division
  • -[AIR]- Welcomes Bigpig and Dynasty as their new HQ Members


Medal of Honor Spearhead


Call of Duty 2


Call of Duty 4




Welcome to -[Air]- Site


Welcome to the home of the Armed International Regiment. We are a multi-gaming clan currently playing; Medal of Honor Spearhead; Call of Duty 2; Guild Wars; and Call of Duty 4. We currently compete in many gaming ladders/leagues and are always up for a good friendly battle. You are welcome to join any of our gaming servers at any time. Check out Armed International Regiments site and don’t be afraid to say hi to us on the forums.

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The -[AIR]- clan was formed on the 14th October 2005 by Danothebull, Bloodhound and KingOfTheMods. Since then we have grown from a clan with 3 members, no servers and a 10 slot Teamspeak to a Multigaming Clan with 4 servers, 100 Slot Teamspeak and over 30 Members!

The -[AIR]- clan, originally a Medal of Honor: Spearhead and Call of Duty: United Offensive clan, we also now play Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4. We have members from all over Europe including Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia.

We currently compete in the Spearhead League, the Definitive Spearhead Leagues, Clanbase and Eurodomination! In the past we have played in the MultigamingLeague and Easy Coy Leagues where we picked up a 1st and 3rd place prizes respectively amongst others. Unbeaten in Rifles Only and Team Deathmatch, we have picked up numerous awards in the MARZ contingent. Furthermore we have picked up 1st place in the Premiership division of Mini-Spearhead League Season IV aswell as an impressive 2nd place in the Premiership division of Spearhead League Season V.

We have picked up awards in Call of Duty 2 aswell. Earning two silver awards in the MARZ Gaming Leagues in addition to a comfortable first place in the EuroDomination Season VII 5th Light Afrika Division!

In Winter 2007 the -[AIR]- team picked up 1st place in Eurodomination 9th Infantry Division Season 9, Eurodomination 5th Light Afrika Division Season 9 and DSL Rifle's Only Championship Season 4. A 2nd place was earned in the DSL Knockout Tournament Season 1!

We pride ourselves on our good relationship with the online gaming community and we play each and every war for the win, but we do not forget how to have fun!


To learn more about how to join the -[AIR]- clan on a FREE Trial please click here626-249-6358